Gas Mask Halloween Black, One Size W/Bright Blue Spikes

Gas Mask Halloween Black, One Size W/Bright Blue Spikes

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This gas mask is hardcore!  With a single black cartridge and bright red spikes, it is perfect for Halloween, goth events, EDM fans, and cosplay enthusiasts!

The LED lights are easily removable and are easy to turn on or off. The mask is comfortable and easy to breathe in.

If you choose the RGB lights, you will receive our Star-Patterned LED Cartridges. These lights have 6 individual led's inside that light up according to the selected pattern. The cartridges carry 2x CR2032 batteries each that can easily be replaced. 

The modes you can select from are:

Rotating / Blinking
Strobe / Blinking

The modes on these lights are:

RGB Strobe 
RGB Slow Multicolor Morph
RGB Super Bright Solid Lit (all colors lit)
Flashing Color Change Solid Blue, Solid Green, or Solid Red

Each cartridge has 3 L1154 Batteries that can easily be replaced.


If you choose solid color lights you will receive our single LED light cartridges.These lights have a single LED that brightly illuminates the entire light and will vary depending on the selected pattern. 

These cartridges have 3 AG10 batteries each that can be replaced if need be. 
The modes you can select from are:

Fast Blinking
Slow Blinking
Solid Lit

Pick up an extra set of lights or some of our awesome marked lights for an even cooler appearance!

We also offer dust filters as an additional option- these are a fabric liner that fit snugly behind the lights in the mask to keep you breathing dust free at Burning Man or any other dirty environment- or add a low toxicity filter that you can swap your light cartridges out with for some extra protection.

Add some cool biohazard or nuclear hazard decals to your lights here: