Festival Dresses - Light Up Dress And Fiber Optic Dresses

When it comes to festival fashion, our festival dresses are the stars of the show! Rock a fiber optic dress as you party the night away to highlight how you shine on the dance floor. Looking for the perfect unique dress to wear to Burning Man or EDC, or want the perfect Coachella dress to show off to your friends at your next party? Look no further, and let our collection of amazing light up dresses spark your imagination for the perfect festival outfit!

Festivals are incredibly fun social gatherings where everyone is having a good time and often people are free from judgement.  But just because the environment is non-judgemental does not mean that women attending don’t want to look good. In fact, most women dress up for their favorite festivals.  Sun dresses, stylish tops, and accessories are just some of the awesome outfit choices you might see the women at a festival or other big event wearing. It makes it hard to stand out in a crowd.  That is, until now.

Introducing the TrYptiX Fashion Light Up Clothing line.  A unique line of clothing made with a very special material that actually lights up!  The material is made from fiber optic threads that actually transport light. When connected to the included battery pack, the LEDs woven inside the material light up and the light shines throughout the entire piece of fabric!  

Each piece in the collection comes with a remote that has four colors, green, blue, red, and white.  The remote also includes four color change modes. To make things even better, some of the color change modes go through the full spectrum of LED colors, including additional colors like pink, purple, turquoise and orange.

The material itself is white which gives the pieces a sophisticated look in the daylight and when the lights are turned off.  The material is a little stiff but comfortable enough to make it through a two day festival without worry.

The right festival dresses are hard to find.  Luckily TrYptiX Fashion has several choices for you to pick from.  

TrYptiX Fashion festival dresses.  Because you deserve to look good, live wild, and love life.