LED Suits - Light Up Suits

Whether it’s a night on the town or a special event, what you wear matters.  Enter TrYptiX Fashion’s light up suits. Designed specifically to wow a crowd, our LED Light Up Jacket is fitted with LEDs and two battery packs.  Made out of a special fiber optic material, this jacket literally shines. The battery packs are good for 4-8 hours so there is plenty of time to show off, but the rechargeable batteries means you are back to shining in a couple of hours.  Or purchase an extra set of batteries to ensure you shine all night!

Wearing the jacket gets people’s attention, but add in the pants and things get wild.  These LED suits are impossible to ignore and show not only style but boldness. Set the pants and the fiber optic jacket to one of the four color changing modes and watch as people you don’t even know comment on how awesome your suit is.   It is an amazing feeling to have people compliment the way you look, and TrYptiX Fashion’s Light Up Suits will have them doing just that.

LED suits are cool but this suit has an incredible design that allows the material itself to light up.  The fabric actually illuminates! TrYptiX Fashion’s LED Suits are among the only ones in the world that actually change color. What does this mean?  It means not a lot of people will be dressed like you, which is good. You deserve to feel special.

So try out our incredible LED Light Up Suit and feel free to look good, live wild, and love life.