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Awesome People we love

These (Light Up Fluffies) are super rad! They work great and look awesome. I was concerned they would be heavy but they are super comfortable and don't fall down. The shop has most excellent customer service as well. I am thoroughly impressed with my shopping experience.

Cynthia G.

Before making this purchase, I knew it was an exceptionally risky choice given how delicate fiber-optic materials are along with ones dependent on technology. But as a rave babe who wanted to ignite my inner glowworm, I decided to take that leap of faith .................and am beyond blissful I did! 

Nadia L.

This jacket is awesome. I wore it to prom and everyone loved it. A lot of people wanted pictures, and I had one person tell me that I won prom. I would definitely recommend to anyone who doesn't usually go by the norm. If there is a formal, but fun, event you are going to, I would get this, because you will get a lot of attention, all positive.

Alex A.

I purchased the top a while ago but just wore it to panic en la playa. It was great! I got a lot of compliments and told everyone about your shop! Thanks for creating it!!

Dana E.

The visuals are gorgeous and versatile and then some! The skirt itself looks lovely! =D You deserve my full kaleidoscopic applause! =D <3 =D

Nadia L (Cont.)

Super awesome product! Love my fluffies! Arrived very fast, even after short delay which the seller contacted me about and gave me options. Very satisfied with seller and product.

Elisabeth D.

On Saturday night, I wore my new fibre optic waistcoat out to a few bars and clubs that had music and was practically mobbed by girls all night asking about the fabric, wanting to wear it, wanting to push my buttons, saying how awesome it was, where did I get it, etc. I've never known anything like it...

Alex K.

This is the coolest thing I've ever bought. Excellent customer service and great product all around!

Lauren M.

Literally the coolest mask ever!

Spencer E.