Fiber Optic Women's Rave Tank Top
Fiber Optic Women's Rave Tank Top
Fiber Optic Women's Rave Tank Top

Fiber Optic Women's Rave Tank Top

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Rock this festival tank top and light up your dance moves! Slip into this amazing tank through the side zipper and be amazed at how you can stay both comfortable and stylish from EDC to Burning Man!

This tank top is made of our fiber optic fabric in the front - white when unlit and will react to UV Light - and a stretchy black metallic back for optimum fit.


Color Selection:

When lit, the front of the tank provides a stunning solid red, blue, green, or white light running through the white fiber optic fabric, plus an array of colors in between on the color changing modes (flash, strobe, smooth, or fade) so it can be illuminated to suit your needs.



The fabric is a synthetic blend that has many fiber optic nodes running through it that make it light up. It's slightly stiffer than normal cotton blend fabrics but is still very comfortable to wear.


USB Rechargeable Battery and Controller:

The tank comes with an included USB rechargeable battery pack that will last you an entire night on one charge along with a USB cable for recharging. The battery can be plugged into a phone charger, laptop port, or car charger. It also comes with a remote to change the color and mode selection so you don’t have to use the control buttons located on the battery pack- give the remote to a friend to control the lights while you dance, or simply hide it in a small concealed pocket after you've chosen the mode you love!


Sound Responsive Bluetooth Controller:

We currently do not offer this item in our Sound Responsive, Bluetooth, Android/Iphone App Control System. However you can always reach out to us about inquiring to get one specially made for you!



Buying clothing online can be an intimidating option. we do our best to explain the sizing and options you have, but sometimes you just have to try something on. For this reason, we offer the first exchange for free on all items. If you don't get the right size, please contact us within one week of receiving your item so we can arrange an exchange. Give the sizing chart a look before purchasing!  


Time to Ship: 

We're building a heavy supply of these; however it can sometimes take up to three weeks to receive your fiber optic festival attire. Feel free to drop us a message and we'll let you know if we have yours already made!




Click here to see our Limited Warranty for our Fiber Optic Clothing



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