Fiber Optic Clothing & Dresses - Shirt, Jacket, Suit, Mini Skirt & Halter Top

TrYptiX Fashion’s fiber optic clothing is a creative way to show your friends how much you can shine!  The special fabric is made out of fiber optic material and so the fabric itself actually emits light. The batteries are rechargeable with a standard mini USB so the outfit can be recharged in a couple of hours.  Our clothing is truly unique and of exceptional quality. Our fiber optic shirts and tops are lightweight and durable, sophisticated and flashy! Wearing TrYptiX Fashion’s fiber optic clothing is not only an icebreaker, it is quite possibly the coolest way to make an entrance at just about any event.

The TrYptiX Fashion motto is look good, live wild, and love life.  We believe our unique fiber optic clothing allows you to do just that.  Certainly no everyday wear, TrYptiX Fashion’s light up clothing is best reserved for wowing a crowd or showing off your individuality at a special event.  It is clothing that literally shines, so that you can too.

So take a look at our selection.  We think you will love it. Because, honestly, what better way is there to truly stand out?  TrYptiX Fashion’s top of the line fiber optic clothing is not only amazing, it is incredibly unique!  How many people can say they stand out in the dark? How many people can say everyone loved their outfit?  Not many! Our products let you choose your own style, then they improve on that style by using LEDs and fiber optics to light up the night.  TrYptiX Fashion’s clothing is like having the spotlight on you all night!

Here you'll find an assortment of all of our fantastic fiber optic clothing, light up clothing sure to amaze onlookers! Pair any combination of these, from suits, waistcoats, skirts, pants, ties, bow ties and more to get the ultimate outfit for Halloween, Christmas, or New Years! We know how important it is to shine, so fine the perfect outfit here to show your inner light for your next festival, rave, or party!