LED Ties - Light up Ties

Light up ties are cool, but most are un-original.  That was, at least, until TrYptiX Fashion’s Light Up Ties came around.  The only tie that doesn’t need cheesy lights. Why? Because the fabric actually lights up!  Our LED ties are made of a special fiber optic fabric that carries the light from the LEDs (which are hidden inside the tie), throughout the material itself.  This makes for a genuine color changing effect and means the tie can be a number of colors within minutes!

Truly, these ties make amazing fashion accessories for men or women.  The darker the room gets, the more the tie stands out. They are wonderful at weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and just about any night club in the world.  It is hard to ignore the bright lights changing colors in the middle of a dark club or bar. That makes these ties great attention getters! People simply love the unique style the TrYptiX Fashion Light Up Ties bring to the party.  Compliments on this tie are pretty common.

One of the cooler features is your ability to control the color of your tie.  Right there, in the middle of the party or club, in the middle of the night, you can change the color of your tie.  It seems simple but it is really very fun. The color changing effect is fun and makes this tie a great accessory.

Our Light up ties are a must have for any electronic festival! If you want to bring a little bit of class to the party, than grab one of our El Wire, or Sound Activated ties!

So try on a TrYptiX Fashion LED Light Up Tie and feel free to look good, live wild, and love life.