Reviews Policy

We would love to get your full and honest feedback about our products and about us. As a small, emerging, business it can be difficult for us to build up a large set of reviews, and even harder to get exposure in such a competitive world. For these reasons, we are offering for a limited time, up to 15% rebate in exchange for your honest feedback and social sharing. 


First to Review a Product Policy:

Step 1. Purchase a product that has no reviews at time of checkout

Step 2. Receive your product, love it or hate it either way write a FULL and HONEST review by visiting that product page and clicking on "Write a Review"

Step 3. Give us up to 5 business days to process your review and issue a partial refund on your original billing card. (10% for a product review, additional 5% on your entire order for social sharing)


Our General Review Policies:

We do not filter negative reviews and we are always working to improve our products to avoid negative reviews in the first place. However, a lot of our items are hand made, hand sewn or assembled per order. As such issues can arise even with our thorough quality controls. In these situations, we hope you give us a chance to get things right and make sure your happy with your order before writing a negative review. 

We only allow reviews from actual customers, who have purchased the item they are reviewing within 30 days of receiving the item. 

All of our reviews are authentic, and truly reflect TrYptiX Fashions customer service and product quality. Please know we originally started as and some of our reviews are from past customers whom may still know us as Rave Nation. 


Be the first to review a product after purchasing ***

First to review, meaning at the time of checkout there are no customer reviews for the specific product(s) your purchasing. You do not have to be the first person to write a review, you simply have to purchase the item before anyone has written a review. (multiple people may be eligible for the first to review refund). 

First to review rebate is worth 10% of the Product price (not entire order), up to $50 rebate total and it is not available for custom orders. 

10% First to review rebate can be combined with our 5% off social sharing rebate for a total of 15% off the reviewed product. 

See our full Social Sharing rebate terms and conditions here.