Festival Fashion - Burning Man Clothing And Outfits

Festivals all across the world bring people together from every corner of society.  Creativity and individuality reign supreme and the people who want to stand out do exactly that!  They put effort into their outfits and festival clothing and people notice.

Enter TrYptiX Fashion.  Not only does TrYptiX Fashion provide accessories like light up gas masks or goggles, we also provide something very new and interesting to wow your friends:  our Light Up Clothing line! Made from a special fabric that is lined with fiber optic material, the TrYptiX Fashion Light Up Clothing line actually lights up the entire way through the material.  It is not lined with LEDs that light up outside of the material. The material itself actually lights up!

Whether you are looking to add a creative accessory like a Light Up Bow Tie, or you need a centerpiece for your festival clothing, like a Light Up Hoodie or a pair of Light Up Pants, we have you covered.  TrYptiX is leading the way in new fashion technology with these crazy fun fiber optic clothes.

Each piece comes with a remote and all the necessary batteries, and all the components are hand checked before packaging to ensure they work properly.  The batteries are rechargeable via included mini USB charge cable. Each remote has four colors to choose from: blue, green, white, and red. There are also four color change modes on each remote.  Some of the modes will take you through the full spectrum of LED colors, meaning you also get to see colors like pink, turquoise, light blue and purple. Your outfit can literally change colors while you are dancing!

TrYptiX Fashion festival clothing.  Helping you to look good, live wild, and love life!