Unique Bridesmaid Dresses Unique Wedding Dresses

Stylish and sophisticated is the only way to describe our unique wedding dresses and unique bridesmaid dresses.  They are so spectacular they literally shine!  Bride and bridesmaids alike can actually sparkle at the big wedding!  

If ordered in advance of your wedding event we can provide the below dresses in an alternate fabric color.  The other fabric colors we have available are: sky blue, navy blue, red, pink, yellow, and brown.  If you are interested in seeing these colors and ordering a unique wedding or bridesmaid dress that is perfect for you, please contact us.

Some events are important enough you just want to make sure that the right people stand out.  At a wedding, that should be the Bride and the Bridesmaids. Looking for a unique wedding dress is understandable, and the Bridesmaids need to look great too!  Unique Bridesmaid dresses are almost as hard to find as a truly special wedding dress.

You want the dresses to match in style but not in substance.  Of course, the Bride should stand out which is important because everyone’s eyes should be on her.  The dress itself should be stylish and pretty. Simply put, the Bride should shine.

This is why the Light Up Wedding Dress and the Light Up Bridesmaid Dress by TrYptiX Fashion is such a fantastic idea.  We took our special fiber optic fabric and made a beautiful wedding dress, dressed it in lace, and made a Bridesmaid dress to match!  

Both dresses are lovely in the daylight, made from white material that will match any bridal theme or reception color scheme.  Both dresses are equipped with LEDs and batteries as well as remotes so you can control the colors as you like.

It’s amazing.  In daylight, you have a classy and sophisticated white dress, and at night you have a dress that literally sparkles!  There are four different colors to choose from, red, blue, green, and white, and four different color change modes, some with additional colors like purple, turquoise, and pink.  

Wanna hear some more good news?  TrYptiX Fashion also carries light up suits, ties, and waistcoats.  So your entire wedding party can light up the night!

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