Light Up Unique Prom Dresses

Prom is a special event in a woman's life.  Fairy tales and princesses come to mind for many young women.  A girl's prom dress should reflect that.  To help make that dream come true we offer our LED lit, fiber optic dresses.

Every girl wants to shine at prom.  These unique prom dresses make it easy as they literally sparkle!

Prom is a special and wonderful time for a young woman.  It is a right of passage, a night to be remembered, and a night to shine!  In other words, it is the perfect chance to truly shine in one of TrYptiX Fashion’s unique prom dresses.  Our Light Up Prom Dress will let you be the star of the show!

Made of a special fiber optic material, these pretty white dresses are made with LED lights and battery packs built in.  The result is a dress that literally sparkles! You can choose between red, blue, green, and white lights, via the included remote control.  Of course, if you want to let all your admirers watch the colors change all on their own, you can just set the dress to one of the four color changing modes.  Then you can just enjoy having the coolest dress at prom.

The dress itself is up to the high standards of a traditional prom dress.  It looks nice even with the lights off, but when you turn it on it is genuinely amazing.  People will stop you to pay compliments and talk about your awesome dress. The TrYptiX Fashion Light Up Prom Dress will make you stand out.  Which is great. You deserve a little of the spotlight. High school is hard. Celebrate your prom with a sense of style. Celebrate with a little sparkle!  Celebrate with TrYptiX Fashion.

So try our Light Up Prom Dress and remember to look good, live wild, and love life!