Light Up Leg Warmers

LED Light Up Fluffies

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These fantastic LED Leg Warmers are made with soft and luxurious long pile faux fur. The kneeband is stretch lycra that will not irritate your legs and will stretch to fit most calves. These fluffies are a one size fits most solution to any outfit you might need to accessorize!

Each leg is powered by a 9v battery (not included) that is easily hidden inside a small hand stitched pocket within the fluffy, this keeps it from bopping around when you‚¬„¢re dancing about!

Choose from either the standard inline controller, or a wireless remote controller! They both cover the same modes and colors, however the remote can be operated with great ease, and even by a friend!
Both controllers allow you to choose from 19 Color Changing Modes or 20 unique Static Colors.

These LED Fluffies are approximately 20'' in length and have a stretchy lycra knee-band that's approximately 10'' in circumference (Stretches up to 18' circumference).

 Cut, sewn, and hand assembled with pride right here in the USA!

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